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Ashley Kilmartin


December 18, 2023

Athlete Stories | Sarah Irwin

Patrick and Ashley’s constant push to “try it out” at every family function, along with my desire to get some exercise in during my college years are what brought me to Precision Movement in the first place.

My first impression was probably “wow, these people are strong” or “no way I can do any of these movements”. The first thought has not changed - everyone at Precision Movement is strong, along with being goal-oriented and determined to better themselves! The second thought, however, has changed drastically. I have surprised myself throughout my 4.5 years as a member with the movements I can do, as well as how much I can lift.

My first bright spot was definitely being able to walk up a flight of stairs, or take an outdoor stroll without getting winded! Sounds crazy, but some of you might know what I’m talking about! Cardio has never been a friend of mine, but Precision Movement offers a variety of cardio movements that have made it “fun” for me.

Currently, I am working on consistency. Consistency to me looks like: adding gym time to my monthly calendar and sticking to those calendar reminders, along with practicing quality reps rather than heavy reps. I have found that remaining consistent in my attendance and movements is what has allowed me to hit new PR’s and reach other goals I set for myself.

My favorite Precision Movement memories are all the events where the whole PM family comes together. I only attend the evening classes - you can not get me out of bed to workout in the morning - so all the fun events we do at Precision Movement allow me to mingle with the morning gym-goers! MURPH is a workout I always look forward to each Memorial Day; seeing all the athletes come together and encourage one another to complete this intense workout is incredible. The annual gym anniversary parties are also a highlight. Man can this group of people cook and eat!!

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