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Ashley Kilmartin


October 19, 2023

Athlete Stories | Brett Goodman

What brought me to Precision Movement in the first place was my sister in law had just joined and she loved it.  I just finished up a major weight loss goal and I wanted to focus on getting in better physical shape.  So I figured joining a gym of this style would surround me with people that I would benefit from.

To be honest my first impression of the gym was very overwhelming. I’m not the type of person to just go hang out with big crowds of people, especially exercising.

I had very little experience exercising or lifting weights so this really pushed my comfort level. This has changed completely. Everyone in the class will help you and push you so you succeed. Now I actually get bummed when the class size is small!

My first bright spot was getting my first pull up.  It felt freaking great!!

Right now I am working on staying consistent and getting 1% better everyday.  1% better at form, strength, and the hardest one mentally pushing myself.  

My favorite Precision memory has to be the Chris Kyle wod. It’s horrible, I was struggling, the last person trying to complete the workout. Then all of a sudden a couple special people started doing push-ups with me to help keep me motivated. Next thing you know most of the class is on the ground doing extra work to make sure I finished my workout. Becoming a small part of group like this will always be my favorite gym memory.

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