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Ashley Kilmartin


January 7, 2022

Athlete Stories | Ashley Paulus

What brought you to Precision Movement and tell us about your experience so far?

Teresa Aelits invited me to come along on the day of the Evan Suicide Prevention Awareness WOD in 2019. She knew I'd been wanting a fitness change and just needed a little push!

My first impression was that everyone was so welcoming and encouraging regardless of my fitness level. It is fun to see new people joining and still continuing to see this. It has been such a positive and motivating environment for me since the beginning.

I think my first bright spot was building confidence during strength cycles and seeing new PRs. It's awesome to see what your body is actually capable of with people pushing you!

I'm working on being more consistent with my nutrition and making other healthy choices a priority - hydration, sleep, etc. Oh...and doubles...

I absolutely LOVE the friends that I have made here - they are honestly some of my best friends. My favorites are holiday and Hero workouts - anytime there is a big group of us together it is a fun time!

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