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Ashley Kilmartin


November 16, 2023

Athlete Stories | Kelley Brooks

What brought you to Precision Movement in the first place?

I wish I knew the actual reason, but what happened was; I couldn't sleep. 

I was scrolling through Facebook & saw their ad. I was feeling down, upset with my health, generally cranky. Tired of feeling tired. So, I thought, sure why not, and signed up. Thinking it would be another thing I will quit.

What was your first impression?

My first thought was, what the hell did I just do?! Then I met Ashley, and my first impression was; dang, she's nice, so cheery.....I hate her. Kidding. It was Ashley's attitude, how she really listened, asked my thoughts, my goals, what I thought my obstacles would be. It got me thinking about more than just losing pounds.

How has that changed? 

Ya know it hasn't changed. I still hate her. Still kidding. Ashley & Patrick's enthusiasm, zest for life, and excitement about all our successes is infectious. 

What was your first “bright spot”?

I won't forget this one. I almost cried. I am not a crier. When I started, I could barely jump in place for 30 seconds. Well one day I was trying to do singles with the jump rope. 

At that time all I could do was jump twice to do one single.That day I did an actual single. Of course, I thought I had just done a double, hee hee hee. Nope, but that was OK.

What are you working on now?

I am working on getting to the gym 4x a week and eating better. The struggle is real, but I've come pretty far in the last well almost 2 years. 

What’s your favorite Precision memory?

This is embarrassing, but true & well, real life. I signed up for one of the internal competitions at the gym. I kept thinking this was a seriously bad decision. 

Part of it was sit ups. Like real sit ups people. So, yeah, I couldn't even do one. You couldn't move on to the next movement either until you did them all. I think there were maybe 25 to complete. 

I think 90% of the gym was gathered around me by the end cheering me on. Normally that would have sent me to my car, home, and my bed to pout. 

Not this time. I did not want to quit. I think maybe I did 12(?)not sure. It was 12 more than I had ever done before!

Best decision I've made in my life was coming to Precision Movement!


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