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Power YOUR actions

There are days when the grass looks greener on the other side. You see someone with a picture-perfect life, and you think, if I had what they had, I would be happy.

This is far from true because: 1. You don’t know their story, 2. We all have our own set of problems, 3. What makes someone else happy, might not be the same for you.

Having these moments of wanting to hop the fence for greener pasture is a human reaction of not being centered with yourself.

Press the pause button on life, remove all the background noise, and ask yourself some hard questions: What are YOUR goals, what are YOUR ambitions, what makes YOU smile?

Use the answers to those questions to power YOUR actions and I’m willing to bet you’ll start seeing the prettiest, greenest grass on your side of the fence.

If you're still struggling to find your center, consider a Reiki session with a holistic healer.

During my session, I found out that I had green grass but no roots to keep me grounded. Art and expressing creativity were two elements that my reiki healer and I found to help me stay planted. Anytime I feel lost in my never-ending to-do list, I take a moment and pull my art supplies out and make time for me! I always come back feeling refreshed with more mental clarity.

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