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Handle Stress with Grace

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Stress is inevitable. There’s always going to be something that test our patience. We could have a bad day at work, an altercation with a family member, or maybe we are overwhelmed with everyday adulting responsibilities: what’s for dinner, did you switch the laundry, who’s picking up the kids, did someone feed the dog, etc.

Sometimes it can feel like stress follows us around like a dark cloud... You want to turn around and tell it to QUIT FOLLOWING ME!

For example, you got asked to work late because you’re understaffed and demands need to be met, but this also means you’ll miss your kid’s game. You could huff around and mutter under your breath about all the negatives of the situation or you could take a step back, do some breathing exercises, acknowledge your feelings, and realize that your boss sees you as a reliable worker to handle the job. You’re still getting compensated, so time is not wasted. Missing a game is not a life-or-death situation, and with today’s technology you’ll be able to see all the highlight reels later. It might also present a bonding moment with your child, by having them share their point of view of the game when you get home.

Stress will come your way and there are preventative actions that can help reduce the chances of these stressors, but we can’t 100% eliminate stress from our life.

What we can do is prepare ourselves with coping mechanisms to handle stress with grace and with a better mindset.

That dark cloud is only as dark as you believe it to be so.

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Coping Mechanism Ideas

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