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Fix a Sample Plate

The holidays are a time of celebration and gathering of friends and family. It’s also a time of eating way too much food which leads to bloating and food comas.

If you’re worried about gaining weight or getting off track during the holidays, then try fixing a Sample Plate.

Take a small sample of everything that looks good on your first round through the food line.

By doing this you will:

- Get to try everything

- Minimize going overboard with portions

- Eat mindfully by savoring each sample

- Identify which dish is worth a second serving

- Save room for dessert

After your plate is cleaned, you get to decide if there is a round two! But, before you go, I do advise that you ask yourself, “Am I really hungry or do I only ‘think’ that I am hungry?”

Our hunger cues can be harder to pinpoint in social settings so be cautious of extra helpings. Maybe skip the extra plate and play a card game instead.

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