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Cut the Negativity

Cutting the negativity from your life is like cutting the cheese after eating a bowl of grandma’s famous chili. It’s an instant relief that will greatly benefit you!

We can have a dozen of negative thoughts on a regular basis. Sometimes they come from outside sources too. We can’t listen to them, and we can’t dwell on them. If something bad happens then we tend to drag out the processing of the event and over-analyze it.

Example: I stubbed my toe, and the chair is out to get me because it was placed a centimeter to the left of where it normally sits causing me to miss judged its location and now I have to walk with limp because I can’t put pressure on it. Now I can’t do anything fun, this day is the worst.

Are you really going to let a chair ruin your day? No, you should brush it off and move on. If we spend too much time worrying about what happened than it prevents us from enjoying the present moment and potentially interfering with our happiness in the future.

The next time you experience negativity then, make it a natural reflex to cut it, just like cutting the cheese. Pooof, the deed is done!

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