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Can you clear the noise?

There are days when the noise is high and the clutter is thick in our brains. Somehow, we have become accepting of this reality to live with brain fog. If we live in this state for too long we may not recognize when we are in it. Which makes it more challenging to cleanse.

It’s ok if you are asking yourself, “Am I in a brain fog?” It’s good that you are curious and open to asking yourself that question.

Short, guided meditations are a great place to start especially if you are having trouble de-loading your stress from that day. Guided meditations are also great if you are limited with your “away time” and need help reaching a point of clarity. It might take some experimenting to see what tactics work for you.

You can also try visiting a space that can give you a better chance of uninterrupted time. It could be a park bench, an open field, an early morning sunrise on your deck, or a late-night hangout in the garage.

The big takeaway is to give yourself a moment to breathe and only think about the present moment. Try to embrace the appreciation of non-materialistic blessings. When you feel gratitude for the smallest, simplest thing, you’ve made it. You have cleared the noise.

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