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Athlete Stories - Sal Pollice

As a businessman and busy father of 3 kids doing a million activities I wanted to move away from the "normal" workout routine I had experienced since I was an athlete in highschool that I was still mirroring in my 30s with very little excitement or results. It had become mundane and more of a chore to accomplish rather then something I enjoyed doing. It was lift weights in a gym full of meat heads with my headphones in and finish with a bit of cardio. Wash , rinse , repeat with no real challenge and wasting hours. I had heard from my wife and some friends that Precision Movement was new workouts daily that were built by instructors and challenged by time. This peaked my interest.

My first impression was that these people are out of their mind. I thought it would be simple doing body weight workouts combined with olympic lifts, plyometrics and essentially glorified stretching and I would be light years ahead of them with my vast knowledge of Bro session lifting for 20 years. I… WAS…WAY….WRONG! I was a bumbling rookie that had barely scratched the surface of knowledge pertaining to real health & nutrition in my life and my bodies potential externally as well as internally.

The challenge of the competition with yourself and others at all levels was probably my favorite focus early and allowed me to develop more of the consistency of coming to class regularly. The total body element of the exercise also healed a spot internally I had been struggling with. At the age of 33 I was diagnosed with hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and given medication. As an athlete and someone who exercised regularly this was hard for my pride to handle. The change in my focus along with the knowledge Pat and Ashley were giving us has allowed me at 43 years old to be the healthiest and strongest I have ever been!

My first bright spot was realizing the impact this was having on my mental game. I began seeing changes at home as well as my business. Getting to work with more focus and drive being my body and mind were in unison. Instead of being lethargic and exhausted all day long. I was able to dial in much more deeply when finding solutions for my clients and had the energy to time-manage my day with much more intention. I also have been able to be physically active with my family. Its allowed me to balance my time with them and try to help them learn about healthier choices and active lifestyle living in their future.


What are you working on now?

My nemesis….Double Unders and Ring Muscle ups. I'll get them….always solution focused. But they're definitely testing my patience

What’s your favorite Precision memory?

Easily would have to say the annual "Murph" Hero Wod workout. The family atmosphere makes it so much fun. My daughter and kids from the gym attend along with the majority of the gym members who have a tough workout together. We then just hang out together for a few hours of bbq and fun. You really do inherit and create a second family at our gym. Everyone encourages , laughs, razzes , and loves on each other daily. Certainly more so at the annual "Events."

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