Cut the Negativity

Cutting the negativity from your life is like cutting the cheese after eating a bowl of grandma’s famous chili. It’s an instant relief that will greatly benefit you! We can have a dozen of negative thoughts on a regular basis. Sometimes they come from outside sources too. We can’t listen to them, and we can’t dwell on them. If something bad happens then we tend to drag out the processing of the event and over-analyze it. Example: I stubbed my toe, and the chair is out to get

Can you clear the noise?

There are days when the noise is high and the clutter is thick in our brains. Somehow, we have become accepting of this reality to live with brain fog. If we live in this state for too long we may not recognize when we are in it. Which makes it more challenging to cleanse. It’s ok if you are asking yourself, “Am I in a brain fog?” It’s good that you are curious and open to asking yourself that question. Short, guided meditations are a great place to start especially if you ar

Handle Stress with Grace

Stress is inevitable. There’s always going to be something that test our patience. We could have a bad day at work, an altercation with a family member, or maybe we are overwhelmed with everyday adulting responsibilities: what’s for dinner, did you switch the laundry, who’s picking up the kids, did someone feed the dog, etc. Sometimes it can feel like stress follows us around like a dark cloud... You want to turn around and tell it to QUIT FOLLOWING ME! For example, you got a

Power YOUR actions

There are days when the grass looks greener on the other side. You see someone with a picture-perfect life, and you think, if I had what they had, I would be happy. This is far from true because: 1. You don’t know their story, 2. We all have our own set of problems, 3. What makes someone else happy, might not be the same for you. Having these moments of wanting to hop the fence for greener pasture is a human reaction of not being centered with yourself. Press the pause button